Mobile Veterinary Services: In Home Euthanasia

Saying goodbye to a loved one can be difficult. We are here to provide you the guidance and support you need to determine if it is your pet’s time to pass. Euthanasia services are provided in familiar surroundings to you and your pet to reduce the stress you and your beloved may feel.

The Process

To make your pet’s passing as peaceful as possible, Dr. Boeche will give them a sedative. The sedation will take a few minutes for your pet to relax. They will fall into a deep, comfortable sleep but will still be able to hear you and feel your comfort.

Once you and your pet are ready, the euthanasia medication will be given, often in the vein. The medicine first goes to the brain, which then signals the heart and rest of the body to relax and pass. Your pet then painlessly passes into a deep, permanent sleep, often within seconds.

After your pet has passed, please spend as much time as you need to say goodbye. Dr. Boeche will excuse herself for a few minutes to give you and your beloved some privacy.

Can other people and pets be present?

We understand pets touch the lives of many people and pets. We encourage all to be present for the euthanasia. However, we do ask that other pets not be present when medicine is given for their safety. They are, however, welcome to say a final goodbye after your pet has passed.

How do I make an appointment?

Timing one’s passing can be difficult. Euthanasias that are urgent in nature can be quite stressful for all involved. Our euthanasia service is not the best option when it is an emergency as we may be helping another family to say goodbye.

It is best to schedule appointments at least 24 hours in advance but Dr. Boeche can often accommodate same-day requests. Our euthanasia service is aimed to provide the most peaceful, dignified passing for your pet.

To make an appointment, please call 817-609-4119. When calling, please select option ‘4’. If texting, please include the word ‘euthanasia’ in your message.


In-home euthanasia:
0-29 pounds: $325
30-59 pounds: $350
60-89 pounds: $375
90 pounds and larger: $400

Communal cremation: $160
Your pet is humanely cremated with other pets. No ashes will be returned to you but are spread at a memorial where your pet is cremated.

Private cremation: $400
Your pet is humanely cremated with no other pets. Ashes will be delivered to you by Dr. Boeche in an urn of your choice.

For pets that weigh over 40 pounds, we may ask for your assistance to move them after they have passed away. If you are unable to do so, please do not feel bad. Please let us know if you will need assistance before your appointment so that we may make prior arrangements.

Additional Fees:
• There will be an additional charge of $25-100 for travel outside of the city limits of Granbury.
• Services provided before 9am, after 5pm, on weekends or holidays: $175
• Holidays include: Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day

Dr. Boeche services a wide radius around Granbury. In an effort to conserve diesel fuel and cut costs to her clients, Dr. Boeche groups calls and tries to service only one “area” each day.