Emergencies – Mobile Veterinary Medical Help

We know that emergencies can be a stressful time for you and your animal. We will do our best to make your emergency as smooth as possible.

Large Animal Emergencies: In order for us to provide the best care for your animal, emergency services are available only to our established clients. An established client is one we have seen in the last 12 months for non-emergency care. We will refer your animal to the nearest referral hospital if your animal has an emergency that requires more than primary care.

Small Animal Emergencies (dogs and cats): For our clients with dogs and cats, we will refer you to the nearest small animal emergency hospital. Most small animal emergencies require a team of staff to help your animal. Euthanasia services for your small animal are available after hours.

Please call us at 817-609-4119 if your animal is experiencing an emergency.

We offer the following mobile veterinary services.